Вакансия перенесена в архив

Все вакансии / Senior Android Developer / Санкт-Петербург

The best way to learn science is to combine theory with a hands-on approach. Real learning is understanding fundamental processes, rather than cramming yourself with isolated pieces of knowledge.

Learning science is important even if you don’t plan to become a scientist. Performing experiments is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Experiments are a great way to inspire curiosity and to engage kids into science.

Required skills:
  • Interest in science and education; 
  • Experience with Kotlin and Java; 
  • Understanding of Activity, Fragment and View lifecycle; 
  • Understanding of SOLID, robust and modulated code;
  • Understanding of async and multithreading techniques (Rx or others);
  • Basic computer science (data structures and algorithms analysis);
  • Ability to implement non-trivial interfaces;
  • Debugging and profiling techniques;
  • Experience in unit testing.


  • Experience with iOS;
  • Ability to implement custom views and layouts;
  • Ability to implement phone and tablet UI in single application;
  • Experience with mobile CI;
  • Experience with ARCore;
  • Comprehensive understanding of computer science;
  • Experience with Unity 3D.

Our goals:

  • Develop MEL Chemistry mobile applications;
  • Develop balanced and motivating gamification;
  • Integrate AR and ML;
  • Develop communications with MEL Chemistry VR app.

Why you should consider this opportunity:

Professional development opportunities – To take ownership of the in-house products at innovative and technological company. Go far beyond common practices. Freedom to choose and create.

Great environment – Team spirit, passion, creativity and persistence are the drivers of our company.

Corporate benefits – We offer a wide range of compensations such as medical insurance, 4 weeks of payed vacation, lunches in the office, almost unlimited budget for your education (webinars and books), participation in the international conferences, flexible working hours, remote days, english classes and many more.