The main projects of the company

1.   IT / Telecom Recruitment

2.   Salary Reviews

3.   Conference " нАйТи ответ!" (‘Find the Answer!’)

4. "Айти-Событие.рф" Portal



     IT / Telecom Recruitment


The portfolio of "IT-Dominanta” recruitment company contains hundreds of successfully completed projects on recruitment of IT specialists in St Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities.

We have experience with most of the positions in the IT sector:

After cooperation with IT-Dominanta, most companies give positive reviews of working with us and become our regular customers.

  • programmers
  • software testers
  • IT project managers
  • analysts (system and business)
  • system administrators
  • others



     «Salary Reviews»


Review of the salary and compensation market for «Companies»

This type of research is conducted annually on a regular basis.


Research Sources:

  • The data in the form of completed questionnaires provided by participating companies (IT companies).
  • Reports on positions including the data from "Internet" Review (free of charge).

Coverage: St. Petersburg

In development: Moscow


«Internet» Review of Salary Market

This type of research is conducted twice a year on a regular basis:

  • Data collection during the winter period (December 1 to February 28).
  • Data collection during the summer period (June 1 to August 30).

Research Sources: vacancies and CVs published on major Job internet portals.

Coverage: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Yekaterinburg.


Review of Salary Market «Conducted Upon Request»

This study examines specific positions based on their detailed descriptions.

Research Sources: vacancies and CVs with updated information based on the results of telephone interviews.

Coverage: any city in Russia. We consider vacancies only after  preliminary analysis of the possibility of the research based on the task parameters.

Duration of the study: 5 to 10 working days.



     «нАйТи ответ!» Conference


Regular conference for directors and HR managers of IT companies.

The conference is focused on the most critical and important issues related to personnel: motivation, recruiting, branding, market research, labor conflicts, staff training, corporate culture, and many other issues.

Meetings are held 1-2 times a year in St. Petersburg.



     «Айти-Событие.рф» Portal


Айти-Событие.рф is the following:

- Events Aggregator

  on our website one can find all the most interesting events of RuNet

- Events Translator

  on our website we Twi-broadcast the most interesting events within RuNet

- Events Registrator

  we help organizers to automate the process of the event preparation

- Events Resultor

  we publish reports on events, reviews, presentations, photo and video materials

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