The general scheme of interaction with the employer in the process of searching for employees can be divided into stages:

  1. Send Application for recruitment
    • use a special online form, ’Recruitment Application
    • contact us by phone or e-mail (see right section "Consultant")
  2. Vacancy Analysis

    Employees of IT-Dominanta analyze within 1 business day vacancy application sent by an employer. At this point we evaluate if we can help the employer by analizing the following:
    • marketability of the offer
    • availability of required vacancy at the job market
    • experience of IT-Dominanta in the recruitment of the specialists of that profile, etc.
  3. Meeting, contract signing

    IT-dominanta consultant arrives at the office of the employer to discuss vacant positions and to sign the agreement on the personnel recruitment. The agreement does not obligate the employer to prepay; it regulates the interaction of the employer and the agency while we are looking for employees.


  1. Search for candidates

    IT-Dominanta specialist searches for candidates by posting the information about a job vacancy on the Internet, in the media, and analyzing the database of the agency.


  1. The presentation of candidates to the employer

    The resumes of the candidates who meet job requirements are submitted to the employer with some comments from the consultant of IT-Dominanta.

    We care about the quality of our service, so we present employers only with the resumes of those candidates who have had interviews, have showed interest in the job, and have agreed to share their resumes with possible future employers.
    The office of IT-Dominanta is located in the center of Saint Peterburg which is convenient for candidates to come for a job interview.

    Also, in agreement with the employer, we can carry out written or computerized testing of job applicants.


  1. Job proposal to the candidate

The employers meets the candidates and make decisions about the ones they find most suitable for the job position.

  1. Payment for IT-Dominanta services. Warranty

After the candidate starts working, the employer company pays IT-Dominanta.

  1. Warranties

In case candidates fail probation, IT-Dominanta provides their replacement free of charge.

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